The only Ambassador of the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation at this time is the well-known children's book author Kirsten Boie

Kirsten Boie, children's book;
copyright Paula Markert.

Kirsten Boie was immediately chosen with her first published book "Paule ist ein Glücksgriff" for the selective list for the German Youth Literature Prize and for the honor roll of the Austrian State Prize for children's and youth literature. In addition, her novel was named "Book of the month" in the German Academy for Children's and youth literature.

Now more than 60 of her books have been published and have been translated into twenty languages. Some of them were made into movies like: "Der kleine Ritter Trenk", "Möwenweg"-books and "Skogland". 2007 Kirsten Boie received the Special Prize of the German Children's Literature Prize for her accomplishments, and in 2008, she was awarded with the Grand Prize of the German Academy for Children and young people's literature. Just recently she received the Gustav-Heinemann peace prize.

Kirsten Boie has already visited the project in Swaziland three times and is therefore convinced of the operation and the objectives. She will lobby as a writer and in addition, for the interests of the . Kirsten Boie not only writes for children and young people, but she also feels a great need to help and alleviate poverty.

We are delighted to be working with her.