The following partners of the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation have said that they are willing to support us in achieving our goals.

Partnership with Hand in Hand Swasiland
By far our largest project is „MobiDiK-Swasiland“. It is a mobile medical service to take care of more than 3,000 AIDS orphans.
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The project on site under the direction of our partner HAND in HAND Swaziland. This organization was founded by HAND in HAND e. V. Wiesbaden. Since October 1, 2012, this non-profit association and THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation are equal supporters of HAND IN HAND Swaziland.


Middle: Tihlobotakhe Zulu, Managing Director HAND in HAND Swaziland
Right: Alexander Ablasser, Chairman HAND in HAND e. V. Wiesbaden
Left: Ernst Engel, Chairman THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation

Of course, the two sponsors coordinate their support for HAND in HAND Swaziland. The THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation largely focuses on "MobiDiK" and "Health".

Haimbacher Sportverein 1952 e.V., Fulda

With his 700 members, it is one of the largest sports clubs of Fulda, where the headquarters of the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation is located. In § 2, paragraph (3) of the statue of the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation states, that the foundation’s purpose is also fulfilled if there are sports facilities build and sport’s practices and performances are encouraged. Currently the Haimbacher SV is very involved in the project (Sports Facilities) "Ministadium".

Zeitungsausschnitt Heimbacher Sportverein