Children with special needs


Currently, we only support two children; we have decided not to support individual children in the future. In January 2010 a teacher of the "Las Minas" school asked for help for the deaf child Josué Reyes Andres Gonzales and the almost blind girl Maria Fernanda Gutierrez Tigua. The two children are as of 2013, 12 years and 11 years old respectively and could not follow the lessons because of their disabilities; they were also behind in their intellectual development. We immediately organized and financed the medical examination of the children by specialized doctors.

Josué Adres Gonzales Reyes

Now Josué attends the Melvin Jones school for the disabled twice a week at the expense of the Foundation. The progress made since 2010 is impressive. Jaime Garcia reports in November 2012: "Josué Andres continues to develop very well and we are very excited about the progress. He forms simple sentences and can read a simple book. During our visit in the Melvin Jones school we met the mother who supports Josué in an exemplary way. From her we learned that Josué is no longer in the Las Minas school because the father has lost his job in Libertad. They now live in San Vicente where Josué attends primary school. Now he travels with his mother twice a week, 1.5 hours each way by bus for Language and Psychotherapy in the Melvin Jones school. According to the headmistress, they never miss the lessons and are always on time."

In November 2012, Jaime Garcia reported about Maria Fernanda: "Maria Fernanda was re-examined by the optometrist. He confirmed that her eyes have neither worsened nor improved. We bought her new eyeglasses again, because the old one were very scratched, and also bought eye drops for the next few months. Maria Fernanda now attends the 3rd grade and is doing well in the classroom. She sits in the very front of the class and the teacher confirmed that she is making good progress. The mother finally assures that her daughter does her homework regularly. Maria Fernanda wears her glasses constantly and only takes them of when she sleeps. She should actually attend the 5th grade but previously no one cared about her poor eyesight and she has lost valuable time. Since she regularly uses the eye drops and wears her glasses, she is developing normally."