Ecuador has 14 Mil. inhabitants and is considered one of the poorest countries in South America. It is located on the Equator between Columbia and Peru. The THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation supports 4 projects and some handicapped children in the Santa Elena Province, which is located on the coast.

Projects of the THOMAS ENGEL-Stiftung in Ecuador

minas schule

Kindergarten „Unión y Progreso“

We have helped a Kindergarten which is in the slums called Enrique Gallo in the greater Salinas area. The original building was no more than a hut build out of bamboo and now with the initiative of the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation a beautiful, well constructed and very functional child care facility was build.

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School „Las Minas“

The school is located in the same place as the kindergarten "Unión y Progreso" and matched the same bamboo building consisting of 2 huts with a corrugated iron roof. One wonders that under those conditions school could be tought ...

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Melvin Jones Schule

School for Disabled "Melvin Jones"

This school and treatment center for 162 children and young people is located in the periphery of the coastal town of Salinas. It was built mainly with donations from Germany. The main goal of this school is to promote the individual skills ...

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Santa Maria de la Esperanza

Sister Isabel does an excellent job in the care and treatment of traumatized children and young people here. She gives an average of 85 children and teenagers a very loving, temporary home.

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Disabled Children

Actually, it was not anticipated that the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation support individual children. But there are exceptions: They are called Josué Reyes Andres Gonzales and Maria Fernanda Gutierrez Tigua.

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