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Nassauische Sparkasse Wiesbaden
BLZ 510 500 15
Account-No.: 545 008 294
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Given the current situation of the very low level of interest rates, the income from the foundation's assets cannot cover all the cost for all projects. That is why the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation looks for more sources of revenue, in particular donations. Therefore, we very cordially ask you for your help. Since the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation is a non-profit-organization, the donations are tax deductible. For donations greater than € 100.00 you will receive automatically a donation receipt. Up to € 100.00 a confirmed copy of the deposit slip or the bank statement for the tax return is sufficient. Your donation is therefore not only a safe and effective way to help needy children, but it also reduces your tax burden.

Why should you donate to the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation?

  • 100 % of your donation goes to the assistance projects; there are no travel or administration costs.
  • The administration costs will be offset by the founders of the Foundation through personal donations.
  • Travel costs will be paid by the volunteers themselves.
  • All volunteers work on an honorary basis.
  • There is a very close and personal contact to the aid projects which will be visited and checked several times a year.
  • The funding will be used as much as possible so that a synergistic effect is created. That is why we will focus on searching for contacts with other organizations.
  • We will always try to avoid blind activism and will work professionally.
  • The THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation is an absolutely transparent organization. We have no secrets and are willing and able to give information, oral and/or written at any time.