The THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation bears the name of our son who died at age 36 after a long battle with cancer.

To honor his memory, we want to do some good, namely help poor children in Third World countries find a way, not only to survive, but to build a meaningful life for themselves in their homeland. Ideally these children can then act as multipliers and in turn be able to help others in need.

Working with the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation helps us cope with his loss. Thomas will live through the foundation and in the children it supports; this thought gives us comfort and strength. As a result, the name of our beloved son remains not only in our hearts and on his tombstone, but also in the memory of his daughter Agnes and his brother Andreas. Thomas died when Agnes was only 8 years old and we already include her in our discussions and work with the hope that she feels increasingly committed to the idea of the foundation bearing her father’s name.

The Founders:
Ingrid and Ernst Engel