The THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation pursues the purpose, with the income from the foundation's assets, as well as with donations and revenues from fundraising projects to sponsor thoroughly checked aid projects in the so called Third World. The funds flow without any deduction of administrative and travel expenses directly in the care and education of vulnerable children. Volunteers work in an honorary capacity and monitor on-site the projects and the use of funds and report on the events of the day.

When you consider purchasing power; 80 % of the world's population is poorer than the poorest 1 % in Germany, then perhaps you get a feeling for the huge amount of poverty in these countries.

If we want to make a (positive) change in the world,
then we have to start with the children.

The THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation does not distribute charity, but rather distributes lasting HELP FOR SELF-HELP.

Give me a fish and i’ll eat for a day,
teach me to fish and i’ll eat for a lifetime.

Since the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation was only founded in 2009, the extent of our help is still relatively small. Therefore, for the time being, we concentrate on the countries of Ecuador and Swaziland.