Mini Stadion

Swasiland Ministadion
Female students at the sports area
next to Jericho High School

When Mr. Tihlobotakhe Zulu, Managing Director of our partner "Hand-in-Hand Swaziland" heard about our co-operation between the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation and the Haimbacher Sports Club 1952 e. V. he was immediately exited and told us of his vision, the construction of a Ministadium Swaziland in the rural region in the south-west, where he takes care of the many Aids orphans. Now more than 12 months have passed, we have not pursued the project, but Mr. Zulu keeps insisting on this project. The initially selected location proved to be the wrong one. Now he found a new location next to the Jericho High School and we have received an official "Letter of Request" from the local Chief of the region asking us for financial help to build this "Ministadium". The justification for the need of this Sports Center is as follows.

You can kick anywhere,
this time even with a real football

"Approximately 70% of the teenagers in our region can not go to the university and are unemployed. That is why they will become addicted to alcohol and drugs, crime and are sexually active. They end up in prison, and/or get infected with HIV/AIDS, die early and destroy their future. That is why the leaders in the region are in favor of the construction of a Ministadium, in order for children and young people to get involved in sports. The main sports are football, volleyball, netball and cultural dance. Many of our children and young people have talent and are highly motivated, but they lack the necessary infrastructure. The sporting activities are intended for boys and girls. We want to establish football-leagues and organize tournaments. Small entrance fees should be collected in order to fund more sports in the region. In addition the money is needed for the purchase of sports equipment. Maybe with the operation of the Ministadium we can establish professional livelihoods and in addition, the congregational life will benefit greatly."

Meanwhile we now have more information with a detailed cost estimate and a sketch. It is planned, together with the HAIMBACHER SV donations and the Bundesliga club games donations to generate the necessary funds. Perhaps we will generate the necessary $ 50,000. for the Ministadium. The Football Association of Swaziland is involved in this project and it is explicitly endorsing it. It is clear that from the regular budget of the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation NO funds can be made available.