In the region of Shiselweni are currently 87 NCPs (= Neighbourhood Carepoints) with numerous investments and activities. Click the points in the map or chose a NCP in the list below to see more detailed information.


Chovane Facts

GPS coordinates -27.223326 / 31.819586
Altitude 600 m
Inkundla Somntongo
Chiefdom Qomintaba
Community Phangweni
Number of children
as of 05.08.2020
13 girls, 16 boys
(Income Generating Activities)

Chronology of important activities

  • October 2021: Donation of food to all NCPs
  • October 2021: Overalls donated to all caregivers
  • August 2021: Donation of food from the Rotary Club for all NCPs
  • May 2021: New additional NCP!

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