In the region of Shiselweni are currently 87 NCPs (= Neighbourhood Carepoints) with numerous investments and activities. Click the points in the map or chose a NCP in the list below to see more detailed information.


Zindwendweni Facts

GPS coordinates -27,1177315 / 31,8107512
Altitude 340 m
Inkundla Somntongo
Chiefdom Etsheni
Community Etsheni
Number of children
as of 05.08.2020
18 girls, 14 boys

Für den Zindwendweni NCP besteht eine Patenschaft durch die Familie Haller.

Chronology of important activities

  • October 2021: Donation of food to all NCPs
  • October 2021: Overalls donated to all caregivers
  • September 2021: 15 persons vaccinated, among 2 children
  • August 2021: Donation of food from the Rotary Club for all NCPs
  • July 2021: Donation of winter clothes for 21 children, 12 girls and 9 boys
  • July 2021: 5 chicken sold about E 350 (approx. 18 Euro)
  • December 2020: Distribution of Caregivers Christmas hampers
  • November 2020: 270 Dolls are distributed for 87 NCPs. Each NCP gets three dolls. Those are ment to train social skills by playing.
  • August 2020: New ECCE learning material
  • July 2020: 8 children get some winter clothes
  • June 2020: General NCP monitoring about the support during the Corona pandemic
  • June 2020: The NCPs Manyandeni, Mbeka, Hhuhhuma, Bulimeni, Davies, Lamlanti, Nkulu, New Nazareth, Sigijimini, Magele, Zenzile, Mathunzini, Kwayiweni, Nkwayela, KhulaJiyampondo, Ekuvukeni, Mpandeni, Lushini /Shokweni, Mcongo, Ncifi/Lushini, and Ezindwendweni are required to send messages, drawings designed by the children, and letters of appreciation to the different Donors.

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