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Supporting measures in Uganda

The project group howareyou has been active in the south of Uganda in the rural region Sub-County Kyampisi. Howareyou joined THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation in 2018. Its objective is to grant children and young people from a poor background access to a good school education and education in general as this is the only way to reduce poverty sustainably. However, the project group also offers short-term support in cases of emergency.

The project group howareyou has been active for many years in the south of Uganda in the rural region of Sub-County Kyampisi. Howareyou joined the THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation in 2018 with the explicit objective of giving the poor children of Uganda access to a good school education. A fundamental belief of the howareyou organization is that education is the only viable way to reduce poverty sustainably. Although education is its primary objective, howareyou also offers short-term support in cases of an emergency.

House Jasmine
One example is the construction of a small house for Jaqueline, who has gone blind after a stroke and still has to look after her two younger siblings because their parents have passed away.

At the present time, howareyou is paying the school fees for seven children from three families and is organizing sponsorships for them. To make it possible for these families to dispense with external help in the future, howareyou implemented income generating activities such as piggery. Scovia, the local coordinator for howareyou, is well-known in the community of KASLA and has a strong network there. She organized the partnership with the local project group Balandiza Kimeze to promote the activities.

“We are 25 members in a group called Balandiza Kimeze operating in Kasala village, Kyampisi Sub-county, Mukono District. In our group 85 percent of us are women and 15 percent men employed in peasantry farming, casual labor and petty businesses to earn a living. We are rural people and all the activities we do carry out have a rural bearing. Our common mission as members in the group is to gain economic empowerment through carrying out viable income generating activities.” Balandiza Kimeze

The first joint project (The community and Howareyou) will help individuals find ways of sustainable income by supplying seeds and farm animals.



Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa. It has about 37 million inhabitants and is one the poorest countries in the world.