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The yields from the fortune of the foundation are far away from covering the financial requirements arising from the individual projects. Besides, there is a low interest level at present time. For this reason THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation depends on further sources of income above all on donations which we kindly ask for. As THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation is a non-profit making facility the donations are detectable from taxes. When you donate more than 100 €, you will automatically receive a confirmation about your donation. When you donate up to 100 €, the copy of the deposit receipt or an account statement will be sufficient. Thus, your donation is not only a safe and effective way to help children in need but is only a way to reduce your tax load.

Why should you donate money to THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation?

  • Every donation is a 100% benefit for the aid projects. There is no money taken for administrative work or travelling costs.
  • The costs for administration are balanced by the founders of the foundation by personal donations.
  • Costs for travelling are paid by the people who travel themselves.
  • All the staff works on a voluntary basis.
  • There is a very tight and personal contact to the aid projects. They are visited and controlled several times a year.
  • Whenever possible the subsidies are used in a way that provides for effects of synergy. For this reason we make every effort to get into contact with other aid organisations. We always try to work professionally avoiding doing things for the sake of doing things.
  • THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation is an absolutely transparent organisation. We don’t have any secrets and are always prepared and also capable to give written or oral information about our work.