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united help for children

For more than 10 years THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation foundation has regularly been supporting about 3,000 children in Africa having a very poor background. It provided for food, medical services and education. Moreover, the foundation also offered individual supporting measures for families in need coming from the difficult environment of the children.

In South America to be precise in Ecuador children suffering from a handicap or disease are given lessons. Some of them even receive surgeries which are necessary for them to survive.

Please find out interesting details about the different activities of THOMAS ENGEL-Foundation foundation by clicking on care projects below the individual countries.

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Enframed by South Africa and Mozambique eSwatini is the second smallest state of Africa comprising 17,500 square kilometres. It has got 1.2 million inhabitants.
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The country borders at the Indian Ocean. It has got about 56 million inhabitants (2018) which turns the country into the fifth largest country of Africa in terms of population.
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With an annual per capita income of about 500 Euros, Nepal is one of the 20 poorest countries in the world. Almost half of the children are chronically malnourished.
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Ecuador has got 14 million inhabitants and belongs to the poorest countries of South America. It is situated at the Equator between Colombia and Peru.
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